Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kicking it off, I suppose

Well, I've created the blog, so I guess I'd better put something up.

I'm still fighting with the time/invention conundrum: too many things to do and too little time.

At the moment, I'm engaged (as I have been for 18 months) in getting Pantheios to non-beta status, getting a first public FastFormat, and a whole of other things.

As for STLSoft itself, there're a few things waiting to be added, in particular the Solaris/SunStudio compatibility that Jon Wakely and some other users have been asking for. As I've not yet got my Solaris box set up, or SunStudio successfully installed on the Ubuntu 64 box, I'm probably going to have to take a punt and go with adding in the partially complete SunStudio support that my Pantheios users have kindly added into STLSoft. But this is probably better than making other users wait much longer. Such are the quandaries ...


A.S. said...
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A.S. said...

Good luck, mate. A friend of mine recently asked where I get my C++ fix, well, here's one RSS feed going onto my list.. ;-) Adi