Sunday, April 27, 2008

1.9.x roadmap (Apr / May 08)

Ok, yes, 1.9 should have been dead and buried a year ago, to be surplanted by the wonderful 1.10, but the real world's got this bad habit of getting in the way. (And I've been putting in heaps on Pantheios.)

So 1.9.x is still living, and there's quite a bit to do on it. The currently envisioned roadmap is as follows:
  • 1.9.35 will be released in the next 24 hours, and will contain an update to the Windows Registry library's winstl::basic_reg_value, comprising the new value_multi_sz() method, whose original implementation was kindly provided by Austin Ziegler
  • 1.9.36 A first stab at full x64 support
  • 1.9.37 getting all the Safe String library compatibility done. This is going to be a big effort. :-(
  • 1.9.38 A second stab at full x64 support, since I'm unlikely to have it down pat the first go.
  • 1.9.39 This'll likely comprise the ATL/MFC stuff that Claudio's been asking for since, er, early last year :$
  • 1.9.40 This'll probably include a (#define-reenableable) removal of the stuff in stlsoft/std/*.hpp, as this is eminently bettered by the new flecxx library, that is due to be released very, very soon.

Other than that, I'm going to try and get the 1.10 preview releases started. Given the time ... ;-)

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