Thursday, January 21, 2010

STLSoft 1.9.90: unixstl::filesystem_traits::get_full_path_name() defect fixed

Prior to version 1.9.90, unixstl::filesystem_traits::get_full_path_name() contained a defect, causing it to fault if passed "." - indicating the local directory - and instead contain spurious information. This is now fixed.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

STLSoft 1.9.88: fixed conversion between const_reverse_iterator and reverse_iterator

For a long while, I've been aware of the limitations of the reverse iterator abstraction components in the STLSoft libraries - specifically  and  - which prevent assigning an instance of a collection's reverse_iterator to an instance of its const_reverse_iterator. This has caused trouble for me on occasion, and also for some users.

As of version 1.9.88 this has been addressed, via addition of conversion constructor template and operator != templates.

STLSoft 1.9.88: throwOnAccessFailure search flag for winstl::basic_findfile_sequence

As anticipated, winstl::basic_findfile_sequence, which is described in detail in Extended STL, volume 1, now defines, and responds to, the member constant throwOnAccessFailure. In the case of an access failure an instance of winstl::access_exception is thrown.

This allows for better response in cases where access may be denied.

STLSoft 1.9.88: max_size() for file_path_buffer and path

As of version 1.9.88, winstl::basic_file_path_buffer now has a (static) max_size() method, and winstl::basic_path::max_size() is changed to be static.

STLSoft 1.9.88: all-integer handling for comstl::variant

The latest release (1.9.88) of STLSoft contains an updated comstl::variant class. The previous version had three constructors for integer types: short, int and long. The new version has six constructors for integer types: sint8_t, uint8_t, sint16_t, uint16_t, sint32_t, uint32_t. (It also has short, int and long constructors for those compilers that have distinct types against the 8/16/32-fixed integer types; see chapter 29 of Imperfect C++)

Monday, January 11, 2010