Wednesday, December 26, 2018

STLSoft 1.10.1 (beta 12) released

The latest beta of STLSoft 1.10.1 is available, at

Getting the beta

As usual, there are two ways to obtain the latest beta:
  1. Select one of the release archives (.zip, .tar.gz) at; or
  2. Clone the repo and checkout the beta-12 branch (as in "$ git checkout -b beta-10 origin/beta-12").


The substantive changes are:
  • added stlsoft::sas_to_string() (and related - _m and _w form) function templates, which create instances of std::basic_string<> by applying String Access Shims to the given parameter;
  • added stlsoft::errno_exception exception class (from the 1.12 branch);
  • added stlsoft::locale_scope scoping class;
  • STLSoft's struct tm String Access Shims now work for arbitrary locale;
  • UNIXSTL's timeval String Access Shims now work for arbitrary locale.

I'll describe these changes in a future blog post.

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