Saturday, December 22, 2018

STLSoft 1.10.1 (beta 11) released

The latest beta of STLSoft 1.10.1 is available, at

Getting the beta

As usual, there are two ways to obtain the latest beta:
  1. Select one of the release archives (.zip, .tar.gz) at; or
  2. Clone the repo and checkout the beta-11 branch (as in "$ git checkout -b beta-10 origin/beta-11").


The substantive changes are:

  • stlsoft::ref_ptr<> class template now has two creator template functions borrow() and own();
  • winstl::environment_variable now has the additional methods:
    • data();
    • equal();
    • equal_ignore_case();
    • exists(); and
    • operator ==() and operator !=().
I'll describe these changes in a future blog post.

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