Saturday, May 23, 2009

STLSoft 1.10 new additions: integer_to_array()

A new component with STLSoft 1.10 (alpha 11 onwards) is the stlsoft::integer_to_array() function template. It is used to turn a single integer value into an array of bit-chunk values.

For example, given the integer i with value 0x01020304, we can split this into the 8 nibbles as follows:

stlsoft::integer_array r = stlsoft::integer_to_array(i, 4);

r[0] will be 4, r[1] will be 0, r[2] will be 3, r[3] will be 0, r[4] will be 2, r[5] will be 0, r[6] will be 1, and r[7] will be 0.

The split can be on any value between 0 and the bitsize of the input parameter (which can be any of the integral types); so you can split on 3 bits, 1 bit, 17 bits, whatever.

I've done extensive automated tests, and they all pass (natch), but I'm still a little dubious about the component, so I'm definitely interested in feedback.

In case you're wondering, the original rationale for this was a simple way to go from the s_addr member of struct in_addr, which is held in network byte order but is otherwise "opaque".


Сергей said...

Hi Matt,

It's been a long time since I'm not participating in, at least, testing of your libraries :-)

Just wondering if you will drop some lines in your about future plans on your libraries.

Do you have plans to make it some kind of platform like boost or poco C++?


Сергей said...

"some lines in your *blog* about future plans on your libraries.