Saturday, August 9, 2008

Back from holiday: Aug=>Dec 08 plans

My family and I were in Europe visiting friends and family from late June to late July, and I have been catching up with things, mostly commercial, since we got back, so there's not been a lot happening with STLSoft and the other libraries. (I have, of course, cranked out a few more beta releases of Pantheios ...)

Now we're back, I have work sketched out for the rest of the year on four fronts:
  • commercial activities:
    • I'm helping a client rescue and move forward a C++/COM codebase that's been going for 12+ years. This is a huge challenge, but I think we're going to have a lot of fun
    • I'm also taking on a few more commercial customisations of Pantheios
  • writing:
    • books: "Breaking Up The Monolith" will be getting a big lot of time in Sept and onwards, with the intent to finish it before the end of the year; am also starting a couple of other, less demanding, books
    • articles: I'm planning to get back to writing articles, hopefully for DDJ, ACCU, and others, this year
  • libraries:
    • Pantheios - get it out of beta, and on the 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 development track; nearly there, honest!
    • FastFormat - release the first public alpha before the end of this month
    • xContract and xCover - release first public alphas soon
    • STLSoft - get 1.10 out, including better distributions (incl. new unit-testing facilities), and docs
  • websites
    • need to get the Synesis Software website redone - it's not exactly full of wow! at the moment. ;-)
    • Pantheios site has been redesigned, and just needs replacing
    • STLSoft website: intention here is to have docs, articles, blogs (not just for me), and other stuff
So, that's a list of my modest ambitions for the remainder of 2008. Wish me luck!

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A.S. said...

Eagerly waiting for the new web site...