Sunday, August 4, 2019

STLSoft 1.10.1 (beta 14) released

The latest beta of STLSoft 1.10.1 is available, at

Getting the beta

As usual, there are two ways to obtain the latest beta:
  1. Select one of the release archives (.zip, .tar.gz) at; or
  2. Clone the repo and checkout the beta-14 branch (as in "$ git checkout -b beta-10 origin/beta-14").


The substantive changes are:
  • added SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR helpers() winstl::get_SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR() and winstl::free_SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR();
  • stlsoft::multibyte2wide (aka stlsoft::m2w) and stlsoft::wide2multibyte (aka stlsoft::w2m) are now more general: no longer implemented in terms of stlsoft::c_str_data(), stlsoft::c_str_ptr(), or stlsoft::c_str_len(), but their encoding-specific forms (i.e. _w() / _a()).
I'll describe these changes in a future blog post.

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