Saturday, December 13, 2008

recls 1.9 alpha process begun

I've finally got around to enhancing the old stalwart, recls, which (if you don't know) is a platform-independent file-system recursive-search library.

So, far, I've finished a source-file renaming process that I started over a year ago, and now I'm having a go at the tracing functionality. This was formerly implemented in terms of syslog() on UNIX and OutputDebugString() on Windows. Now, as may be obvious if you follow STLSoft-related library news, I'm thinking it'll be implemented in terms of Pantheios.

The issue here, though, is that there should be no unnecessary coupling between libraries, and I think it would be wrong to couple recls to Pantheios just to provide good logging facilities. So the challenge will be to work out a way to allow the two to work together if required, and to not do so if not. Preprocessor options, function pointers, callbacks, and all manner of other ideas are under consideration.

I'll let you know how it goes. (And you'll be able to see it, as I'm planning to release recls 1.9 alpha 1 as soon as the logging is done.)

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