Friday, November 21, 2008

Using STLSoft 1.10 alpha (delta) releases

Just a quick remark on the strategy for STLSoft 1.10. Essentially, the alpha releases will be forthcoming over the next few months, as components are moved over (and given the treatment) from the 1.9 branch, and new components are added. Each of these alpha releases is in the form of a delta-only distribution, meaning that you will have to first install STLSoft 1.9, and then either:
  • Install the STLSoft 1.10 distribution over the top of the 1.9 installation, or
  • Install STLSoft 1.10 to a separate area and then use include paths to cause your compiler(s) to see the 1.10 alpha files first
We do the latter, by:
  1. Defining an STLSOFT environment variable pointing to the 1.9 distro root directory
  2. Defining an STLSOFT_1_10 environment variable pointing to the 1.10 distro
  3. Specifying the latter before the former to the compiler, as in "g++ -I$STLSOFT_1_10/include -I$STLSOFT/include my_file.cpp"

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