Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Release early, release often; FastFormat 0.2.1 (alpha 4)

The value of the open-source adage to "release early, release often" has shown itself once again, this time with respect to the FastFormat library. There are a large number of things to go into this library on its progress from 0.2 onwards, but it's been stuck for a month waiting for me to get my act together. Part of the delay is due to the fact that I let too many changes creep in, which complicates the testing and the formulation of the distribution (incl. just listing the changes).

So, I've just released 0.2.1 (alpha 4), which is a sound base for the future releases. It incorporates various minor fixes and adjustments, and a wholesale refactoring of the contract enforcement API. (An analogous refactoring has also been done for Pantheios, and is available in its latest release.)

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