Saturday, September 27, 2008

makefiles and build directories

Further to a recent blog post, about object library naming conventions, there's also some debate about the makefile naming and build directory structure. Historically, there have been three main forms of build-dir+makefile-naming with most STLSoft-dependent libraries:
  1. solo: e.g. the bc584 directory (for Borland C/C++ 5.84) contained the single makefile makefile
  2. multi-os, e.g. the gcc34 directory (for GCC 3.4) contained the makefiles makefile.unix (for UNIX) and makefile.win32 (for Windows)
  3. multi-arch, e.g. the vc8_x64 directory (for Visual C++ 8 (x64)) contained the makefile makefile (for 64-bit Windows)
Obviously, there's a degree of inconsistency there. Furthermore, using the multi-os form was a pain because it meant having to explictly write 'make -f makefile.unix' (or equivalent), rather than just make.

This has all changed now, and all projects will eventually adopt the new form, which is:
  1. solo: e.g. the bc584 directory contains the single makefile makefile
  2. multi-os, e.g. the gcc34.unix directory contains the makefile makefile, and the gcc34.win32 contains the makefile makefile
  3. multi-arch, e.g. the vc8.x64 directory contains the makefile makefile

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